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Republic Social House Wins First Place in Chomp & Stomp 2015!

Honoring Cabbagetown’s past as a little bit of country in the big city. Chomp & Stomp features old-time music that was popular when residents and mill workers like Fiddlin’ John Carson lived here. They played that old-time music and preserved rural traditions right here in the middle of Atlanta!

Cabbagetown today is still a community of homes, rather than houses – where being a neighbor means more than sharing a fence. Music and food have always helped to define the neighborhood’s spirit. For the past several years, we’ve come together for a family picnic and invited our friends!

In 2015, a panel of amazing celebrity judges awarded Republic Social House’s smoked brisket chili with FIRST PLACE!  We couldn’t be more proud to have participated in such an awesome event.  We added the winning chili to the menu for a limited time… stop by and try it!!

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